Sunday, January 29, 2012

nobody said it would easy....

I am in this weird part of my life wondering what is next.....

Just got back from AVN and AEE in vegas. Thank you to all who supported me and helped me receive my best new starlet nomination. It was an interesting experience. I always love attending expos and conventions to see and meet the fans. It makes my job so gratifying. I do what I do because I enjoy it but it always nice to know that people like to watch what I do. Makes it all worth awhile even more so.

I don't know if its because I have reached the quarter part of life but I'm wonder what I should do next. I have experienced, felt and been apart of so many crazy things sexually that I am wondering what else I can deliver to my fans and to myself. Its interesting to look at other women in my business. There are two routes: hardcore; do it all, and the slow and steady. I have always admired Sunny Leone and her career. She has been in the business for 10 years and just did her first anal scene. Then you look at Sasha Grey and the amazing Tori Black who have done so many things sexual on screen ( IR, DP, anal etc) whats the right path? Do you save certain things for your personal life or do you share everything with the public and fans? I am very comfortable with what I have delivered to my fans and have never done anything for recognition but just simply because I enjoyed doing it. Is there a right way to do it all in the porno world? Or a successful way rather? Some people forget that at the end of day this is a business (for me and the girls in it) and do you give it all up because its what people what to see?

Questions I tell you....does anyone have all the answers? NOPE! because if they did life wouldn't be as interesting

Monday, October 24, 2011

has been too long....

So lied to myself. I made a promise to update my blog more often but it didn't happen. So sorry for the hiatus boys and girls. :)

The holidays are upon us and the year is almost over. I can't believe it. Since I last updated I have had a multitude of great experiences. In June it was recovery time from my new additions. Best decision ever! Not to mention my 25th birthday gift to myself. Everyone has their opinions and is more than entitled but I am so happy with my slight change. I am more comfortable with my curves than ever before. In July I headed to Chi town for exxotica. Fun times! Always enjoy meeting my fans especially the ones that have been following me since the beginning when Naughty America still did live chats. Thanks Dizzy! ;) I also had some amazing roles come my way that month! Between playing Annie in Bridesmaids XXX and Ms Marvel in Avengers XXX I was one lucky lady. It so rewardng work so harding on those projects, shoot for 16+ hours, and then see the finishing project. Parodies and features take forever to make it so much fun to play a character especially ones that are so recognizable. It gives you a sense of obligations to try really hard to emulate that onscreen character. Granted this is just porn, I still take it somewhat seriously but have a fricking blast!

August was the month I set up camp in Florida. It was hysterical because apparently I already look like a local. I had some tourists ask me for recommendations on where locals eat. Granted being from so cal isn't that different than being from south Florida. I shot a tons of scenes from Bang Bros. Most have already come out but there are more to come! Thanks to Tabitha Stevens and ZT Entertainment, we shot Scarface on location in South Beach. I tried to do Elvira and Ms Pfeiffer's character proud. Then I was off to Tampa and Orlando to host two "Are You Hardcore?" parties. So much fun! Met some amazing people and had some naked time up on top of the bar, not alcohol induced btw ;)  Just felt like getting a little naked :) Then it was back to LA for Exxxotica.

Been back in LA since shoot and now dancing. Yes that right folks, I am trying my luck on the pole. I must say the adrenaline from being on stage and just having a fucking fun time is great! Cant wait to do more. Next gig is in Sacramento. I will be spending my Thanksgiving shaking my ass so everybody better come out and party with me. Of course I cant stay in one place for too long so there have been a few trip to Vegas.

So there is your update as to what I have been up to and where I have been. More traveling coming up of course before the end of the year. And finger crossed my website finally be up!! I spent a couple of weeks this month shooting some amazing scenes for you guys! I cant wait for everyone to see!

I am sure that I am forgetting a multitude to things to tell you about like my amazing birthday sex for Elegant Angel, but for thats all for soon!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hello all....I keep telling myself I will get better about updating but I am such a busy body. It is difficult for me to take a second to sit back and reflect.

Just got back from Exxxotica Miami on Monday after a weekend adventure there. You never have to twist my arm to get me into that town. Between the weather, the people and the food I am always a happy camper. This was my first US convention as well. It was so much fun to meet the fans, take pictures, and sign autographs as well. The night life is always amazing and thanks to some great friends that live locally and the trouble makers that came with me, I always manage to see the sunrise. It is inevitable! But it is always a beautiful sunrise, so no complaints by me :)

The weekend before I was off to Reno for the day to shoot and underwater sex scene. So much fun! The photos were beautiful and it was my first time to Reno. There was still snow on the surrounding mountains. It was so nice to be in such a quiet, beautiful town. I am such a lucky girl that I get to travel so much for my job. Come June 12th I am off to Monterry Mexico for Sexpo again. Always a good time :) Until then I am taking some time off and I have a surprise to reveal soon too. Just wait guys :)

Until then I am learning on how to relax. There really is an art to it I swear. It sounds terrible but I am so used to being in touch by cell phone, email etc that I don't know what to do with myself. My roommate literally had to take my cells away from me so I could relax and not stress myself out. It is giving me sometime to learn how to reflect and focus on my own mental sanity. Sometime you forget when you keep going that it is important to breathe and remember what is important in life. I am super lucky to have special people in my life who always have my best intentions at heart and are not afraid to tell me whats up! haha

Until next time kisses guys! xoxox

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick Q and A

So I was thinking the other day about the questions us girls get asked the most. I have been doing lots of camming lately so it came to mind. So I figured I would compile a top ten list.

1. Do you do anal?
No I don't do it on film. I may eventually do it down the road and have tried it before in my personal life. I just don't get that much enjoyment or pleasure out of it as I do with regular sex. Also it is very intense to do on film and a lot more pressure. This question also covers DP (nothing in my ass, so nothing in my ass and my pussy at the same time)

2. Do you swallow?
In case you think I false advertise, yes I do. You heard it here first folks. Lexi SWALLOW does swallow :) Love cum :) Just please don't eat asparagus the day or morning before you decide to cum in my mouth and down my throat yes :)

3. Do you squirt?
It has happen yes to me. Everyone as a different take on what squirting is and some women are known and have more control over their gland releases (Ruby Knox, Annie Cruz, etc). It is not of intense pleasure when it has happened to me and the few times that it has happened it has occurred during intercourse with cock curved slightly upward :)

4. What's the biggest cock you have ever taken?
I stand by the fact that Billy Glide being the biggest cock I have ever taken.  In all honestly I have no idea. I don’t walk around with a measuring tape and ask each male talent to whip out their cock so I can measure.  What normally follows this question is what is the smallest cock and you would have to watch some of the Asian porn I have shot to answer that question. I enjoyed shooting all those scenes to but out of all the guys I have had sex with on film and in my personal life, the guys I have shot with for Asian international films were definitely the smallest.  
5. Does cock size matter or what is your preferred cock size?
To be honest with you, I am definitely not a size queen. I like a nice average cock with a little bit of an upward curve. An average cock is so much fun to play with, blow, and swallow down my throat and if I am in the mood to put something in my butt, which I only do in my personal life and very rarely, its perfect. I will say though if you don’t know how to fuck fast and hard, I don’t care how big your cock is, it is not going to do much for me. I like an aggressive guy who takes control and knows what he is doing. But you also have to sit back and let me do my thing too. I like to jump up and down and grind on a cock too J It like that silly saying goes “it’s not the size of the boat but more about the motion in the ocean.” Yes I am being cheesy, but I swear it’s true.
6. Circumcised or uncircumcised?
I tend to prefer circumcised, just because it is cleaner and more fun to blow and shove down my throat. I like uncircumcised too, just depends on the guy and how clean he is. And remember guys its great if you trim a little bit, makes your junk look better and hair in the mouth is never pleasant.
7. At what age did you lose your virginity?
I was 16 and happened in the back seat of the car. I was so eager to lose my virginity I had to convince him that I was totally ok with it happening then and there. He wanted it to be “special.” Such a sweet guy but I was very convincing cock in hand and tongue in ear. Yes I was a slut at an early age haha
Losing my girl/girl virginity came a bit later at the age of 22. I have always been intrigued by girls and fantasized about them but was always too scared to go for it. Now I love women and could always use some more pussy in my face. My favorite situation is a threesome because I can be greedy and get the best of both worlds. Sexual-orientation: bisexual. I will say though I don’t think I could ever be in a monogamous relationship with a woman. I like to be the girl and need a man in my life, but I’m totally cool with sharing and having a girlfriend with my man.
8.  Favorite position?
Depends on the guy, the cock, and the situation, I like them all. I tend to prefer missionary because I love eye contact but don’t forget to put my legs up in the air and on your shoulders so you can get really deep. Not to mention you can pull my hair and choke me in this position too. Win/win!
9.  Aggressive or submissive?
Depends on my partner.  With women I tend to be the aggressor and with men much more submissive. Changes with my mood though.
10. Craziest place I have had sex?
Anywhere you can get caught definitely adds to the craziness of the situation. Roof top of an apartment complex, public pool (after hours and actually outside of the pool), bathroom of an airplane are some of the crazy places. I think the craziest situation was during gay pride in San Diego I invited a straight guy friend of mine down to the gay bar. After a few cocktails and he getting hit on, poor guy ;), we ended up in the men’s bathroom stall around 1am up against the wall. Oh and there was the time a friend of mine had me bent over a rail in front of an apartment complex, out in the open, at about 3am. No cocktails necessary.
I’m sure there are tons more questions but those are some of the ones I frequently get asked. Feel free to ask more and thanks for reading my rambling J

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In the hopes to share a little bit more about myself...

I wanted to put together a bio so everyone can learn a little bit more about me so here we go.....

I am of German, Italian, and Polish decent, a European mutt as I liked to call it. I was born and raised in southern California and grew up in a very conservative family and town. I attended catholic school till high school where I began to experiment and definitely let a little of my naughty side out. I was always a good student but dated and messed around with all the not so good boys. I was definitely one of the quiet ones, which you should always be cautious of, they are always the dirtiest. Keeping on the good girl front, I continued my education and received a college degree in 2008.
Before porn I worked in high end retail sales and worked my way up till I managed my own store. Then in 2010 I decided to take the leap and enter the adult industry. After graduating from college, I definitely began to experiment even more and really explore my sexuality. It was only then I began to feel comfortable playing and being attracted to women.  The adult industry has let me explore and enjoy my sexual desires. I love the feeling of being watched and putting on a performance. At the same time I really enjoy what I do and make sure I find something nasty, naughty and pleasurable in every scene.
My experience in the industry ranges from soft core to hardcore and feature/parodies to straight, good old-fashion gonzo. I love working on features and parodies and have had the pleasure of being in 2 parodies so far playing, Jill in NOT CHARLIES ANGELS XXX and Lady Gaga in KATY PERVY: THE XXX PARODY. I have also worked on features for DIGITAL PLAYGROUND and WICKED PICTURES, which are due out sometime this year. Acting is definitely not the reason I got into the adult industry, but playing these roles has been an amazing experience and a great way for me explore acting.  A dream of mine is to definitely crossover and do some mainstream work. I have had the pleasure of working for several of the big companies in the short time I have been working; PENTHOUSE, VIVID, ZERO TOLERANCE, THIRD DEGREE, TWISTYS, NAUGHTY AMERICA, and MOFOs/BRAZZERS.
Besides doing film work, camming and live shows have also been a big part of my career. I love doing live shows because of the interaction with the fans and viewers. It is definitely a turn-on to know, and sometimes see my audience and know they are enjoying the show. 
Outside of the porn world, I very down to earth girl who loves to be active especially outdoors, hiking, going to the beach and sometimes hitting the gym. Like every girl I enjoy shopping, listening to great music and sharing drinks and good times with my friends. My special talent, other than deep throating, is playing the piano. I started taking lessons at age 4. Music is definitely a great way to escape and clear my head. As far as other artistic talents, I do draw and paint on occasion and have a sketch filled with doodlings. I do have a huge appreciation for modern/contemporary art and photography along with a fascination for tattoos as a form of art and self expression. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Content in process

So this year I am all about multitasking, networking and paving my way :) The year has started off awesome with a content photo shoot, being top ten on freeones, and a super fun show during AVN at the pinkn visual booth. There is so much fun and stories to come. For now here is a sexy photo ;)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bring it 2011

new years resolution: write more in my blog haha

So 2011 begins and I am so looking forward to a fresh start. I definitely have grown up a lot in the past year and am excited to apply all my experience to this new year. Definitely understand now that it is so important to live life with an open mind and to walk into every situation with no expectations. Never end up disappointed and end up being surprised almost 100% of the time in a positive way. Living a very exposed life has made me really appreciate my private life and to keep certain things special just for me and me alone. I have learned to ask for what I want and stand up for myself and what I believe in. I appreciate all those special people in my life who have helped me get to where I am in my life. And I appreciate all my fans too who have seen my grow and evolve. I am having so much fun having new experiences on screen everyday. I am so excited to explore things on camera for you guys. So here is to 2011 and to new experiences! Cheers!